Makobuu Works

1 Oct 2011 - We are the online discount beauty shop to bring high quality products to both professionals and consumers. We are organized as a division of Hollywood Secret Network LLC, the beauty products manufacturer, which is located in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., and producing super quality products for top salons, professional stylists and hair specialists.

Hollywood Secret’s Hair Extension is one of our super high quality brands, and the customers and their end-users are also including top salons, stylists, hair extension specialists, actress and models.

14 Oct 2009

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12 Oct 2009

Hot to bike video Youtube version.

Hot to bike video Youtube version.

26 Sep 2009

A girl Ann-T show you how to practice to ride bike solo for kids, without stabilizer wheels. Kids learn by themselves. - Don’t forget Helmet and Protectors!
 子供 が、補助輪 なし で、自転車 に乗る為の 練習 方をまとめてみました! これでお父さんお母さんが支えながら走って汗を流さなくてもすみそうです。 最初は私も一緒になってヒーヒー言ってたのですが、前に知人から聞いたこの方法を思い出しトライしてみたところ、ほぼ2日ほど自分で練習したら乗れるようになってました。 あ、ヘルメットとプロテクターは付けたほうがいいです!